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Robert Heinecken
One Picture Book #14: studiesnineteenseventy
ISBN: 1-59005-031-2
Hardcover, 5 1/2 x 7 1/4, 16 pages, 12 duotone plates, 1 original print. Limited to 500 numbered and signed copies.
$150 sold out
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It is natural, when faced with photographic negatives, to hold them up to the light. It is the same when faced with Robert Heinecken’s set of reversed out images from a 1970s “top-shelf” magazine. However, if in a crowded room (or bookshop) resist the impulse. Heinecken produced these incredible photograms, showing verso and recto pages simultaneously – and in negative – over thirty years ago. A long-forgotten off-shoot from his famous ARE YOU REA portfolio, published in 1968, they were rediscovered only recently in Heinecken’s archives. A pioneer of recycled imagery, Heinecken is universally recognized for his role in redefining the boundaries of photography as an art medium. studiesnineteenseventy is produced in an edition of 500 copies, each with a signed original silver gelatin print. Sold out. “It was once believed that [Heinecken’s] early photograms were lost. After a fire in his studio, several household moves, then a relocation from LA to Chicago, he finally unpacked his belongings and found this early work which, thirty years later, seems more innocent and more beautiful in its graphic sensuality.” – Vogue Hommes International