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Todd Hido
Excerpts from Silver Meadows (Deluxe Edition)
ISBN: 978-1-59005-368-3
Limited to 50 copies with an original print (shown), numbered and signed by the artist and presented in a clamshell box.
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AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER, EXPECTED SPRING 2013. This special edition of "Excerpts from Silver Meadows" is limited to only 50 copies, each of which includes a 14x17-inch original photograph signed and numbered by the artist, presented with a signed copy of the book in a custom clamshell box. “Excerpts from Silver Meadows” is our sixth monograph by Todd Hido and his most ambitious project to date. Hido is one of the most widely recognized and influential photographic artists of our time. Silver Meadows is the name of a street that runs through the neighborhood in Kent, Ohio where the artist grew up. The setting of Hido’s childhood, it also became the creative wellspring for his work. Here, it serves as a point of departure for Hido’s reexamination of a Midwestern suburban upbringing; ‘a trip through the innocence of childhood and adolescence and into the darker aspects of life beyond.'




“In the context of this horribly mundane world of current contemporary photography, Todd's work stands apart from the pack by a wide gap. This gap is made up by the sledgehammer authenticity of Todd's vision, by a violent undercurrent of emotion that hits the viewer like a baseball bat clearing a drunken human path.” - Doug Rickard in American Suburb X