Our popular One Picture Book series was conceived in 1998 as a way to make original artwork affordable. The series consists of uniformly designed, modestly-sized hardcover books, comprising 16 pages that serve as a “canvas” for the artist to display one cohesive body of work. 

Each One Picture Book is published in an edition of 500 numbered copies, and each contains an original tipped-in photograph, signed on the verso by the artist; hence the name of the series.

One Picture Book are released in groups of four titles at a time, approximately twice a year. The bulk of the edition is reserved for subscribers to the series, who sign up to purchase one or more copies of each title upon publication, at the subscription price of $40 each. Remaining copies are offered at prices that increase as the title sells out.

The One Picture Book series will end at its 100th title in 2016, and will begin anew (in a slightly revised format) shortly thereafter.